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 · The length of time it will take for the zero balance to appear will depend on how close the payment is made to the reporting date. If you make the payment right after information has been updated, it could be 30 days or more before the balance is reported. If you make the payment just before the reporting date it could be just a short time.

owe more than house is worth and want to sell questions. Q: We need to sell our home for fair market value and roll what remains on our current mortgages into the new loan. Like many Americans, we owe more than our house is worth. Where we.

Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the FHA. Instead, it has something to do with the loan officer, the bank, or even the client himself. What’s the Average Time to Close? If we had to pinpoint an average time to close, we’d say between 30 and 45 days. This is how long most lenders take from start to finish on an FHA loan.

“All cash, seven-day close.” Those words are a dream for a home seller and a real estate agent, but while they may be thrown around on shows like Million.

The type of financing you’re using to purchase your home can help determine the amount of time it will take to close. For federal housing authority (fha) or conventional loans, the average time to close is 47 days; U.S. Department of veterans affairs (va) loans generally take a bit longer.

who has the best mortgage rates right now What is the current mortgage rate of interest – – Right now rates are as low as 4.75% for a 30 year fix depending on various factors such as credit, loan to value, etc. It would be best to contact a mortgage specialist to help.

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 · The Mortgage Process: How long does it take to close on a house? A good rule is to estimate 30-35 days to from application to closing. At we have closed loans in as few as 15-18 days, when there are no delays. Our goal is to help you meet your closing date and make the process as easy as possible.

Does the agent or firm have a great blog and website? Are they.. For those of you asking, “how long does it take to close on a house with a.

The exact time it will take to close an SBA loan varies by case. For instance, one factor is how long it will take you to complete your well-researched business plan or financials — that could.

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